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Hop in! We’re taking a trip down memory lane with the Chevron cars.

Start with a Great 


In 1995, Chevron made an important breakthrough in fuel technology with the invention of Techron, a new gasoline additive that was unbeatable at cleaning and protecting engines. This was big news and Chevron needed a big way to tell the world about it. Enter Young & Rubicam Advertising and a simple idea: Who would be the best person to tell the world about Chevron with Techron? It turns out, not a person at all, but a car. A talking car. And eventually, lots of talking cars. Because, while people don’t think about gasoline all that much, cars do.





white car white car

A Car is Born.

1995 - 2009

Chevron and Young & Rubicam enlisted Academy Award winning Aardman Animation, creators of Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run and many other animated films, to create the cars that love to talk about Techron. Using models hand built from plasticine modeling clay, Aardman brought the cars to life using the painstaking stop-motion animation technique they are so famous for. Shooting one frame of film at a time, each thirty second commercial took about thirty days to film. Over the years, Aardman created over fifty Chevron Car commercials using the stop-motion technique.

Because the popularity of the Chevron Cars grew so swiftly, the Chevron Cars used in our commercials became replicated as Chevron Toy Cars.


Over a 15 year period, 60+ Toy Car models were created and sold at Chevron - and collected by both adults and kids alike.

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The Cars Drive into 

the Future.

2010 - 2017

Like most things, the Chevron Cars have evolved with new technologies. While maintaining the handcrafted look of the original campaign, the commercials are now created using the latest computer technology. Now, instead of physical models, virtual three dimensional models are created using proprietary computer software. Then the cars are brought to life by Aardman animators one frame at a time much like the original cars.

car combo car combo
car combo car combo
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The Chevron Cars

Have Some Big News


Today, with the latest and greatest technology in the studio and on the road, the Chevron Cars are ready to announce the big news about Chevron With Techron and it’s proven mileage claim - and they’ll be continuing their journey of promoting the benefits of our quality fuel for years to come.