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Shop for groceries

Shop for groceries, save at the pump

Save even more on fuel when you shop at local grocery stores. Register today to earn gas rewards. Text FUEL to 46359.

aFANity Rewards Program

Score game tickets, team gear, and more!

Chevron Cars Challenge

Race & Win!

Choose your car!

Fueling education

Fueling education

Help fund local public schools when you fill up at participating Chevron and Texaco stations during the month of October.

Chevron with Techron Advantage™

Earn 3¢ a gallon in fuel credits

Earn fuel credits every time you make a fuel purchase at Chevron and Texaco with a Techron Advantage™ Credit Card.


The spot for all your Extra needs

ExtraMile has all of the hot food items you crave, all your favorite drinks to quench your thirst and freshly brewed Seattle’s Best Coffee™.