Chevron Toy Car List

Looking for Chevron Toy Cars?

As a result of diminished demand from consumers, we have made the decision to end production of the Chevron Toy Cars. The toy cars are no longer available for purchase on this website. Though some of our existing models might become available in the future, we have no plans to produce new models.

Here's the big news: the Chevron Cars will continue to live on virtually. In fact, you can design your own virtual Chevron Car at the Chevron Car Factory on at any time, free of charge. You'll also continue to see the Chevron Cars featured in our award-winning World of Cars Campaign in TV commercials and other media.

We hope you'll continue to enjoy the colorful characters and lively spirits of the Chevron Cars for years to come.

Regular Edition Chevron Cars

Car #1 Sam Sedan Sam Sedan May 1996
Car #2
Wendy Wagon Wendy Wagon May 1996
Car #3 Tony Turbo Tony Turbo May 1996
Car #4 Freddy 4 Wheeler Freddy 4 Wheeler Dec 1996
Car #5 Patty Patrol Patty Patrol Jun 1997
Car #6 Tyler Taxi Tyler Taxi Jun 1997
Car #7 Pete Pickup Pete Pickup Nov 1997
Car #8 Horace N Trailer Horace N Trailer Nov 1997
Car #9 Holly Hatchback Holly Hatchback Nov 1997
Car #10 Leslie LX Leslie LX Jun 1998
Car #11 Danni Driver Danni Driver Jun 1998
Car #12 Tina Turbo Tina Turbo Nov 1998
Car #13 Kelly Kompact Kelly Kompact Nov 1998
Car #14 Cary Carrier Cary Carrier Nov 1998
Car #15 Rudy Ragtop Rudy Ragtop May 1999
Car #16 Woody Wagon Woody Wagon May 1999
Car #17 CC Boat N Trailer CC Boat N Trailer May 1999
Car #18 Casey Coupe Casey Coupe Nov 1999
Car #19 Bailey Bouncer Bailey Bouncer Nov 1999
Car #20 Brandon Bumper Brandon Bumper Nov 1999
Car #21 Skyler Scamper Skyler Scamper Nov 1999
Car #22 Zachary Zoomer Zachary Zoomer Nov 1999
Car #23 Nando Nando May 2000
Car #24 Frankie 4  Wheeler Frankie 4 Wheeler Nov 2000
Car #25 Leo Limo Leo Limo Nov 2000
Car #26 Hank Hot Rod Hank Hot Rod May 2001
Car #27 Della Deluxe Della Deluxe May 2001
Car #28 Sally Schoolbus Sally Schoolbus Aug 2001
Car #29 Trevor Tow Truck Trevor Tow Truck Nov 2001
Car #30 Pax Power Pax Power Nov 2001
Car #31 Charlie Chaser Charlie Chaser Nov 2002
Car #32 Dylan Dasher Dylan Dasher Nov 2002
Car #33 Chandler Chip Chandler Chip May 2003
Car #34 Summer Scoop Summer Scoop May 2003
Car #35 Riley Roadster Riley Roadster Nov 2003
Car #36 Maddie Mudster Maddie Mudster May 2004
Car #37 Payton Pizza Payton Pizza Jul 2005
Car #38 Travis Tanker Travis Tanker Nov 2005
Car #39 Maria Minivan Maria Minivan Jun 2006
Car #40 Hap E Camper Hap E Camper Jun 2006
Car #41 Brent Blizzard Brent Blizzard Nov 2006
Car #42 Fuller Fire Truck Fuller Fire Truck Nov 2008
Car #43 Moe Muscle Moe Muscle Nov 2009

Limited Edition Chevron Cars

Car #LE-1 Davey Driver Davey Driver Jun 1998
Car #NS-1 Icon Car Icon Car Dec 1999
Car #LE-2 Taylor Taxi Taylor Taxi Sep 2001

College Sports Edition Cars

Car #ASU Victor E Van ASU Victor E Van ASU Sep 2007
Car #UA Victor E Van UA Victor E Van UA Sep 2007
Car #UH Victor E Van UH Victor E Van UH Sep 2007
Car #UNLV Victor E Van UNLV Victor E Van UNLV Sep 2007
Car #USC Victor E Van USC Victor E Van USC Sep 2007
Car#SDSU Victor E Van SDSU Victor E Van SDSU Sep 2008
Car#PSU Victor E Van PSU Victor E Van PSU Sep 2008
Car #TAMU Victor E Van TAMU Victor E Van TAMU Oct 2008
Car #GU Victor E Van GU Nov 2008
Car #BYU Victor E Van BYU Victor E Van BYU Sep 2010
Car #UO Victor E Van UO Victor E Van UO Sep 2010
Car #UW Victor E Van UW Victor E Van UW Sep 2010
Car #CAL Victor E Van Cal Victor E Van Cal Sep 2010

Professional Sports Edition Cars

Car #OAK Victor E Van Athletics Victor E Van Athletics Aug 2007
Car #SF Victor E Van Giants Victor E Van Giants Aug 2007
Car #LA Victor E Van Lakers Victor E Van Lakers Jan 2008
Car #UT Victor E Van Jazz Victor E Van Jazz Nov 2008
Car #Cardinals Victor E Van Cardinals Victor E Van Cardinals Sep 2010
Car #Angels Victor E Van Angels Victor E Van Angels Feb 2011

Special Edition Cars

Car #SE-1 Hope 2001 Hope 2001 Oct 2001
Car #SE-2 Hope 2002 Hope 2002 Oct 2002
Car #SE-3 Hope 2003 Hope 2003 Oct 2003
Car #SE-4 Faith Faith Oct 2004
Car #SE-5 Cherish Cherish Oct 2005
Car #SE-6 Promise Promise Oct 2006
Car #SE-7 Courage Courage Oct 2007
Car #SE-8 Spirit Spirit Oct 2008
Car #SE-9 Devotion Devotion Oct 2009
Car #SE-10 Harmonee Harmonee Oct 2010

Mini Chevron Cars

Mini Tony Turbo Mini Tony Turbo Nov 2001
Mini Patty Patrol Mini Patty Patrol Nov 2001
Mini Freddy 4-Wheeler Mini Freddy 4-Wheeler Nov 2001
Mini Pete Pickup Mini Pete Pickup Nov 2001

Autopia Cars

Car #1 Classic Classic Jun 2000
Car #2 Dusty Dusty Jun 2000
Car #3 Suzy Suzy Jun 2000
Car #4 Sparky Sparky Jun 2000
Car #5 Gold Dusty Gold Dusty Jun 2000
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